Mobile Phones with FREE Gifts

Mobile Phones with Free Gifts on Vodafone

Ranging from free gaming consoles, handhelds and laptops to LCD TVs, iPods and sat nav systems, there's a wide choice of gifts available when you buy a new contract mobile phone on Vodafone. While a small number of these gifts are offered via the office Vodafone shop website, you'll actually find a much wider selection in the other phone shops that sell Vodaphone contracts. Don't worry though, you can use our site to search all these free gift deals and find the cheapest ones to suit your needs.
Sample of gifts with Vodafone mobile phones

How do I find the phone + free gift deal on Vodafone?

Simple ... you use the search box on the right hand side of the screen to find the cheapest contract phone offers on Vodafone with the free gift of your choice. The form not just allows you to select the gift you like, but also allows you to select the phone model, free minutes and texts, contract duration, handset cost and maximum monthly line rental you'd want to pay. Pease note though that selection a very low line rental and short contract duration with expensive gifts will reduce your chance of finding deals matching your criteria.

Which free gifts can I choose from on Vodafone?

Currently you can get Vodafone contract phone deals with any of the following gifts (use the search box to find the best offers):
  • Free Beats by Dr Dre Headphones
  • Free GHD Hair Straighteners
  • Free Google Nexus Tablet
  • Free iPad
  • Free iPod Classic
  • Free iPod Nano
  • Free iPod Shuffle
  • Free iPod Touch
  • Free Kindle
  • Free Kindle Fire
  • Free Laptop
  • Free LCD TV
  • Free Nintendo 3DS
  • Free Nintendo Wii
  • Free Nintendo Wii U
  • Free PAYG Phone
  • Free Samsung Galaxy Tab
  • Free Sony PS Vita
  • Free Sony PS3
  • Free Xbox 360

  • How do I get my phone and gift?

    Most retailers will send you the phone next day and the gift 2 to 4 weeks later. This delay is mainly to ensure that you're not returning the phone straight away, in which case they have to deal with gift returns as well. You can check the delivery estimates of the various merchants bin the delivery section at the bottom of this page.

    Can I get free gifts direct from Vodafone?

    The official Vodafone Shop occasionally offers gifts on a small selection of their phones as well. However, we suggest you broaden your search to include all retailers, as they'll all offer the same Vodafone tariffs but have a much wider selection of mobile phone handsets to choose from on the gift range.

    Vodafone Mobile + Gift Offers

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    FREE Mins:
    FREE Txts:
    Handset £:
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