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How do I claim my gift?

Normally you don't have to do anything and almost all retailers will just send you the free gift to your delivery address (i.e. the one you entered when you order the phone deal online). Some shops however require you to return a gift voucher which comes delivered with your phone. Just complete this voucher, send to the appropriate address and your gift will be delivered to you. All this is very straight-forward, and certainly not as complex as claiming back CashBack. Please double-check the procedure under the terms and conditions of the mobile phone retailer with the deal you're looking to buy.

When will I get my free gift?

Again, this varies slightly between the mobile shops. Normally you will get your free gift a few weeks after you receive your new phone (which is normally delivered next working day). The reason for this is that the retailers want the consumer contract cancellation period (i.e. the period you can legally cancel your contract after purchasing the phone) to be finished, so the don't have to deal with returned (and used) gifts in addition to returned phones. The waiting period is also used to ensure you are a valid paying customer, and some retailers may wait until you've paid your first month or your direct debit set-up is confirmed. however are an exception as they will deliver your mobile phone with free gift the next working day by 1PM if ordered by 5PM. They even give you the option to choose whether you prefer Royal Mail and City Link for your delivery. Another retailer, BuyMobilePhones, gives you the option to pay a deposit for the gift when you order your phone. This means you'll normally get the gift within 7 days (often sooner). You then have to claim back your deposit following their procedure. You can check the delivery times for all retailer here

The value of the gift can also effect when you get it, with some cheaper gifts being delivered directly with your phone. Obviously, seasonal stock levels can effect delivery too, though we aim to remove deals with gifts or phones which are out of stock.

Can I keep my existing mobile phone number?

Most retailers allow number porting (i.e. keeping your existing number) with all these deals. There's normally an option to add the number you'd like to port during the online ordering process, so please follow the instructions on the retailer's websites.

What's the catch?

None really ... you really can get these gifts completely free when you get your new contract phone. Wondered why these shops can give away free gifts? Well, the mobile phone retailers get a fee from the networks when they sign you up to a new 12 or 18 month phone contract. To make their deals enticing and attract potential customers, they use part (or all) of this fee to pay for the free gifts they offer you. I.e. it becomes a good deal for you and is much easier than claiming back free rental or cashback.

We hope this bit of information helps you, but please contact us if you have any further queries or issues.

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