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When will I receive my phone and/or free gift?

Your phone is normally delivered next working day. When you receive your free gift varies between the retailers and ranges from next day (with your phone) to after 5 weeks. Please view our delivery times table which shows when you can expect to receive your phone and gift for each mobile phone shop.

Is delivery free?

Yes, UK delivery is free on all the contract deals displayed on our site. The only exception is e2save, who charge 8.99 delivery on all contract phone plus gift deals.

Can I keep my existing number?

Yes, this process is called number porting and allows you to keep your existing mobile number when you move to a different network. Please check the mobile retailer's sites for details.

What is the minimum contract term of these free gift deals?

The minimum contract term of these free gift deals is 12, 18 or 24 months.

Can these companies be trusted?

Yes, we aim to only display deals from reputable companies which have a long trading history in the UK and are financially sound. Hence we show the offers from the big trusted high street brands (Carphone Warehouse, The Link, Phones4U, ...) while the other online retailers we show are backed by financially strong companies too. E.g. e2save and (backed by Carphone Warehouse), Mobiles2YourDoor (backed by Phones4U), etc. We also constantly research the UK market to ensure we stay abreast of the latest mobile phones industry news.

You may also have heard some reports of the Mobile phone cashback 'rip-off' with regards to customers failing to get their cashback from dodgy retailers. Because you're actually getting a gift, which you can even get next business day, you don't have the risk you could have with cashback deals which need to be claimed over a 12 or 18 month period.

What is Cashback and how does it work?

You will notice that some deals offer an amount of Cashback with the phone and free gift. Normally this amount will be paid back to you upfront or after a few weeks, either direct to your credit card, by cheque or to your phone bill (i.e. reducing your monthly payment). Most retailers will pay this automatically. However, with very large amounts of Cashback (> 300) or Cashback only deals, there is likely a claims procedure you need to follow which normally involves sending back a claim form, together with your original mobile phone bills at periodic intervals (e.g. after month 3, 6, 9 and 12 months). Please refer to the terms and conditions of each retailer for full details.

How can these retailers offer these free gifts with my phone?

The UK mobile phone market space is currently very competitive and this means the mobile phone retailers try and create enticing deals which involve free gifts to get you on board. The shops will normally subsidise the cost of these gifts with the most or all of the commission they receive from the networks when they sign you up to a 12, 18 or 24 month contract. The retailers (and networks) hope that you'll stay on the same contract past your contract duration period. This is when they'll reap most their benefits. However, there's nothing stopping you canceling your contact after it runs out and find a new deal with the same or another gift. A good website to look what gifts are available is Mobile Phones with FREE Gifts.

What's the catch?

None really ... these retailers really do send you a free gift when you buy a new contract telephone with them.

We really hope this faq info and our website helps you find a free gift + mobile phone deal. Please contact us with any other questions or suggestions.

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